Tuesday, May 26, 2009

o0o yeah

Farm Town is killing my blog!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hong Kong's girl

today, on my way to amman..oh, went to amman to have some fun actually..dats not the point here..my story is, on my way to amman, on the bus actually, i met a hong kong's girl..and wut make her so special is cuz she studies Islamic arts and architecture in jordan..nice, heh..dont you think so?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Random, again~

heya everyone..kat cni nak bg tau..
my friend, farah izyan da de blog..
tukang promote tak disuruh pon..
saje nak ckp gak..
so, pd anda yg belom de blog..
tunggu pe lagi..?

p/s:tatau nak post mende senanye..

Sunday, May 3, 2009


woaa too many updates here!!n i did missed a lot!n there was way too much things to do that i didnt have bloody time to open this dear blog.i'll try to summarize what happen in few days back!

1)exams finally OVER!!after 1 month suffering its finally over!even the last paper was not so good or most suitable word-SUCKS- but its a total relief that exam is over.well at least for now~

2)my own birthday!!finally i'm 21!!and it feels good.i had a blast that day despite biostat exam. we made our very own sushi,ate the-ruin-by-fireworks-cake,spent time together,watched cite hantu,jerit ramai2,amik gambar mcm gile.a total blast!n it felt really good to be able to spend time with you guys after a long time.n thanks for making my day!

3)KARISMA-whoho finally we got back our title JOHAN NETBALL after losing to mu'tah last year.the final was tough and tense but more importantly all of us enjoyed it.we aint playing just for winning but to have fun.n irbid is the winner!!congrats all!!

4)finally i got to go to Amman!!harhar skipped today class so that we'll be able to go there.it's been a long wait!watched movie but surprisingly there was only me n kuzai n another couple there,as if we booked the whole cinema!glad we didnt chose horror movie :P n like ku said,after back from amman,u totally broke!!haih

p/s:haha ku,nice layout.maklomlah kne jage blog mmj katenye.::kempen mu'adal atas 80!!::



berjaya menghabiskan kelas endodontics

pada hari ini..

lecture dan jugak lab..

walaupon td rse mcm exam practical lab

tu hampeh..

tetap jgk rse gembira..

nak tunggu final exam je la ni..

Saturday, May 2, 2009


tahniah, tahniah dan tahniah..

tahniah buat pasukan Irbid..

anda mmg best!!!

mmg tak mengecewakan..

Karisma 09

sape juara???

mesti la Irbid..


well..its been a long tyme..almost a month, rite?

i'm finally completed the exams, alhamdulillah..

though i can not say i did good..

there are always highs and lows..

life, is no perfect..

btw, i felt so happy dis night coz i phoned malaysia..

been talking to them..

sharing stories..

and the lists goes on..

you know, i feel good..

real good..