Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Human beings..

Human beings are selfish, aren't they?

especially when it comes to their own greed, advantages and satisfaction

yeah, i know i am maybe being sarcastic here

hey, but nonetheless i am saying the truth

me, as a human being is no exception

-penat nak pikir pasal hidup-

Sunday, July 26, 2009

e to the motions

anger.jealousy.love.tenderness.fear.sad.calm. ahh too many to be listed.

yeah i do feel human are interesting creature because we can feel and have emotion. but sometimes i get irritated because of those things. most uber difficult things to handle is feeling. nonetheless the people's yet our own emotion is hard to manipulate.

(put away the fact that you have to put on some stupid-clown-mask to gratify people's happiness or so),i too think that sometimes we even become slave for ourselves.every single act and comport we make are actually in order to satisfy the emotions we bear.hey wait now that i think bout it, isnt we and the emotions are actually one?.......haih i think i need dr.basem now!

p/s:some advice ; dont get too attach to anything at all.your 'emotion' might get hurt.


Saturday, July 18, 2009



Monday, July 13, 2009


i miss my mom n dad n brothers.

i miss home cookings n dunkin n foods

i miss malls

i miss tv n radio

i miss my room n my bed

i miss not have to study

i miss being lazy at home

i miss being drived to anywhere

i miss nice weather
i miss water supply in malaysia

dis have to be stop!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summary of A Week

this entry is specially posted for those yang tak balek2 lagi irbed even kelas da stat, hee

Sunday, 05/07/09, Oral Surgery and Anesthesia

The doc is a skematic-type person but nice, i think
And he said himself that he is zero-tolerance doctor
If he said leave the class, just leave, and dont argue with him
The class start at 8.15 am every sunday, dont ever late.
Last class, attendance tak amek
He expects all of us already revise about
  • trigeminal nerve esp maxillary and mandibular branch
  • oral cavity (this is what i wrote in the book)
He hopes all of us already mature and act maturely and he challenges us to live up to the clinical challenges
That day, just introduction

Lastly, midterm is on 26/07/09 (exam, sigh)

Monday, 06/07/09, Conservative Dentistry 3

The doctors who will be teaching us will shuffle between Dr. Zakaria, Dr. 'Ala, Dr. Nisreen
The next class will be Dr. 'Ala and you must attend the lecture on time (you know him rite)
Dr. Zakaria's class that day mainly talked about things that we already knew such as Black's Classification, types of caries, ect
Attendance pon tak amek lagi

Tuesday, 07/07/09, Prosthodontics 3

That day, attendance da amek.
Belajar pon byk.
The class mainly about complete denture.
And during the lecture, he kept asking about head n neck anatomy, dental material, and prosthodontics complete denture
So, it means that we must revise all of these things..=(
Rsenye, class will start at 8.00 am

Wednesday, 08/07/09, Pediatric Dentistry

Attendance tak amek
The class mainly about history taking
Class will start at 8.00 am too

Wednesday, 08/07/09, Dental Ethics, Dent303

The doc is soo nice..
a lil bit boring subject for me, but zehan likes this
midterm is on 29/07/09
and he said that one of the final question is 'what is the code for this subject?' hee

Thursday, 09/07/09, Periodontology

The Doc is soo strict
By 8.05 am, the door will be locked, no chance to be late
Attendance is a must, 10% = one absent (so, you cant skip this class anymore)
Slide will not be given away, we must write everything down
And believe me, there's A LOT to write down
I've decided to buy the book, original one
And the surveyed price is JD 48, I guess
IF i'm not mistaken with Oral Surgery book which is JD 63, hee
Bengkrap lagi wehh

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


kenangan silam sentiasa menghantui hidop kita.

im no hypocrite. if i dont like then i dont. if i do like then i do.

::of wondering diffrnces btwn hypocrite n pretends::

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


start rant

i am super duper busy lately, haih
tup tup, next sunday, welcome back to school..haih, again
can't even rest even now the so-called 'holiday'..haih, again and again

stop rant