Wednesday, October 28, 2009

barely alive

i am almost to give up

Monday, October 26, 2009



Friday, October 23, 2009

been a month

it has been a month since then, me being a clinical student. i'm still hanging there. a lot to learn. a lot to practice. a lot to endure.

tired, yet interesting. i met many types of people, came in and out of the clinic. i met an ammu who promised me to be my patient, yet he didn't come (broke my heart, of course). my first patient of cons was very cooperative, i'm glad. n still i need to improve more on my arabic. to speak to children, it ain't that easy...

a lot of things happened. to be asked suddenly by doctor to explain how to give a mandibular anesthesia (my bad, came to clinic empty-minded). cried in prostho clinic in front of doctors (silly as it is sound, but yeah it happened). handed over my paedi patient to my arab friend because i was not ready to talk to children.

but then, while i am typing and re-reading this entry, i am smiling. i hope many more good things to come. off while smiling~

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


just woke up.i read someone's blog.someone dear.or at least i thought she is.then only i realize im not a good friend.way far from best.suddenly loneliness strikes.there r so much i dont know bout her.the sufferings,sadness,despair she hide em all.i guess im no good enough for her to tell all that.cant blame her.i know im no better.but yes i do wanna be friend in need.sighing hard.

i do make mistakes.i repent.

p/s:esok troskn pjuangan mnampal gigi.smoga daku mjd asstnt y baek jgk.
p/s:im tired.but we just got to go trough all these.2more years to go.or less.
p/s:i shud be sleepin by now.
p/s:esok dpt mkn kt cafe just.ureshi!!


currently inactive due to the hectic schedule
both of us
pray us all the best in facing
the future ahead