Tuesday, January 25, 2011

some stories

only one week remains from the 6 weeks holiday. the past 5 weeks just like a wind. they blow past me. in instant.

it has been months since my last post here. well readers (if there is any), happy new year. 2011. a new year, a new beginning, new aims, new hopes and ultimately a new me (i hope).
tonight, is my last night of me being 22. tomorrow, i am 23. only a second that separates between them. i suppose, turning 23 should come with more responsibilities, maturity, and urging me to act as one. in the end, i am still me.

6th of february, the new term starts. our last semester here. do wish us the best of luck and we definitely need your prays. can i be an excellent dentist? a question worth to ponder and explore.

till then, wassalam

Sunday, January 16, 2011


these are reviews done y a reviewer while reviewing things that she never reviewed before.


owh aim kali ni mahu tgk cite melayu.kbetulan bnyk plak cite antu kuar.so of those that i watched :

super boring.story of a wife y amik pendamping utk jge keselamatn family.but none scene y scary pon..siap nguap2 lg..n the story line pn mcm x phm sgt.so not really satisfied la with this cerita.owh dlm cinema time tgk cite ni ade 3 org saje.me,my bro n sorg akak y we both harap die tu manusia la.macho gilos tgk cte antu sorg2.ingt kt joden je cinema kosong..
fav quote: sebaik2 jin adelah sejahat2 manusia. simple tp sering dilupekan...

(pic can be deceiving!)

hurmm film by syamsul yusoff..its better.ade la jgk jerit2.n the ending was unexpected.so boleh laa.story psl a newly wed couple y kne ganggu ngn mende2 halus wlpn lyana jasmay cm x seswai pgang watak wife.she's too young for that..n kudos to sabrina ali kot nme pmpuan tu.pndai gilos blakon watak ala2 psyco tuuu..so xde la rse rugi sgt duet tgk cte ni.opsss org blanje sbb tu xrugi..hehe

hehe saje nk jgk review psl kdai ni.stelah memakse adek ksyangn pg,die tman jgk la.as usual la the beef superb.sodap gilos..tp bile pg 2 org rugi.both of us not a big eater.nk stay lame2 pn bnyk tmpt lg nk tuju after that.

zaman mamak da bkurang at my housing area.skng ni abundant kopitiam plak kt sini.so bangi kopitiam is one of them la.y best kt cni bnyk tp y plg best cendol die!!again sodap gilosss.nk2 bile pg mkn pkul 11 malam di hari ujan.gigil2 makan tp hbs jgk!sedappp nye cendol tuuuu!

hurmm ni sunway pny.smpi2 je perak straight away pg sane.tickets are rm38 for adult n rm32 for children.at first tgk price die ok la.tp bile da msok rse xbbaloi.our plan was nk maen2 bhgian rides n pmainan2 dulu then esoknye baru maen water park.but then rides die ade la dlm 5 kot.so after lunch we decided to tros mandi manda.again,xbnyk sgt bnd2 die.n overall the kawasan mmg kecik.dlm tu ade skali petting zoo,harimau n train.so better go to bukit merah or a famosa or sunway lagoon.way better.tp positive side of this place first,org x rmai,so mmg bley maen2 n no need to q pnjang2, 2nd bnyk kdai mkn melayu.so bley mkn tnpa was-was, 3rd tmpt tinggal dekat je..we njoy our holiday despite all that n bjaye bwk our mom n dad naek gelongsor golap tu!!!hehe

more pics after this!!