Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday!!

haa, whose birthday is it?


rupa2nya blog kami ni da capai umur setahun..kehkeh

bila check2 balek td, rupa2nya the 1st ever post been posted

was on 9th march 2009..

sorry blog, happy belated!!

haha, even the umur da pon mencecah setahun ++
post tak sampai 100 pon lagi..hikhik

Do you love your parents?

if yes, to those who's not reciting this do'a after every prayer, you may start now. it is never too late.

Maksudnya : Ya Allah! Ampunilah bagiku segala dosaku dan juga dosa dua ibu bapaku dan kasihanilah mereka keduanya sebagaimana mereka memelihara dan mendidikku di masa kecil.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

ape y terkandung ari ini..

owh cik watermelon da 2ka layout lg.bagos2.. now to my story..urghhh the feeling just got mixed.

1.prosto!!this subject never fail to make me in hell.need patient fgs! n I AM REALLY DEPRESS.i kept thinking bout this matter every second of the time.. am truly scare of what gonna happen if i dont have patient by at least next month. aaaaaaaaaaa ( go n tarik2 rambot kat penjuru bilik)

2.yesterday aka 200310-super show 2 was a success!!!bangge ngn malaysian ELF.of coz a zea-llion jealousy 4 those y pegi.*coughcough kawan zehan* but really what fans did at the concert were super amazing.lpas spazzing ngn zehan,n bce sume fanexpernce,tgk fancam we just cant control the selves anymore.heenim is uber cute!!!!!nk jugak maen watergun ngn heechul or baling beg pink kt heechul lg or tgk abs siwon or men mate ngn yesung or mnari lagu chu~ dan banyk lagi...haih.hope they'll come again..

3.batuk y berterusan mmbuatkn saye x boley tido.ubat juge seperti tidak memberikan kesan y baek.nk cabot gigi pon susah.asik kene stop batuk.

4.up untill today i only extracted 1 tooth due to lazyness n kemalasan.n not to mention never did ID block(nk wat cmne pt cons sume gigi ats).so i was so kononye motivated to extract tooth in surgery clinic today.which i did.n its was not just tooth.teeth! i extracted 2 teeth n give ID block too..but i still think extraction is very ngeri!so try not to lose your teeth.

5.when i realize that it will be banyak lagi months before i can go back to malaysia makes me demotivated.bese la tu.kate dok obersi.msti la asik omsick..

6.the fact that right now i cant sleep!n esok 8am class!(da lame x ponteng)

p/s:asal la bile i nk update,u pn sebok update jgk!

At Last..

haha..hari ni nak belagak sket..sket je..tak kesah la kalo korg rase, 'ek eleh ni pon nak belagak'..yg penting aku bahagia muahahaha

haha kalo korg de pasan la kan..kat wishboard aku de wish for ifrogz radioactive headphone kaler ungu..haha akhernye wish aku tercapai jugak..tapi kaler ungu tu takde la..kalo merah la tapi..

ha..nape la aku nak sgt kan headphone kaler ungu..pasal nak kasi match la ngan aku nye ipod nye kaler..tapi ungu takde kan..merah pon ok je..

haha..ini saje..bye..

Monday, March 15, 2010


owh slpas chaos mailbox daku menerime komenan gmbr2 kami di aqaba n wadi rum,i finally bkk my fb accnt.siap slh2 pswrd lg.blame me not coz i was too mls but now im getting use to it.rse mcm kne bli facebook for dummies plak.. ok dats not the point.wht i realize after almst half day on fb is, i always been jealous of other people's life but mine.or to be more precise i dont apprciate what i have now hence just complaining n griefing bout wht is not i came 2 realize that instead,i should just have fun with everythng i got cause life's too short.nanti nyesal xsudah.

p/s:so dear friends jom la kte njoy same2 yerk wlpn joden ni hampes tp lets make memoirs!! 1 n half year more to go n our keremajaan will be over.lpas ni tgk gigi jo la..

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Aqabah and Wadi Rum

i went to aqabah and wadi rum last friday. the trip almost cancelled due to some people's selfish attitude. i quote my friend's saying, "they think about ppl that don't want to go. they didn't think about ppl who are excited to go."

yeah basically the trip was planned as our batch trip. at the end there were only 5 of us. but because we were really wanna go there, we continued the plan despite lack of ppl.

but then, i was really grateful there were only 5 of us. we were having the best of times there. we enjoyed ourselves to the max.


Friday, March 5, 2010

The BackTeeth Boys

ok..who are they? as they claimed, they are the official boy band of the Melbourne Dental Student's Society (MDSS) of the University of Melbourne, Australia.

the O.H.I is the 2nd single after their debut back in 2008. i think they are cool..really cool.

O.H.I means Oral Hygiene Instructions. basically dealing with proper ways of brushing teeth, floss, mouthwash, diet and etc..

watching them make me think they are enjoying their life. i couldn't come up with such great idea.

maybe i am not entirely falling in love head over heels with dentistry yet. i need to give myself another chance. to start anew, to know deeper and to understand who dentistry truly is.

because i'm bored

ok..done changing the background template..
feels like forever using the orange yellowish one..
and it's time for some changing..

Monday, March 1, 2010

because i don't have anything to do now

i feel like writing bout our bento project
today is my turn. i woke up at 1.30 am just to make bihun goreng
waaa i feel like a devoted friend haha
nah, acah je..actually i knocked off early last night
so when i ter-woke up at 1, i couldn't bring myself to continue sleeping
so, instead of wasting time doing nothing, i better get moving
and now, i already finished cooking
but its already past my sleep time

things need to be done today
  1. need to seek a doctor.. well my lymph nodes seem to be showing abnormalities but i don't have fever, malaise or anything strange
  2. do the lab work.. haih this one really la.. and i'll be doing baseplate and wax rim today.. what a tiresome works. oh before that, i have to pour some stone to the master cast to make the base.
ok basically this 2 are the major things need to be done.. wish me luck