Friday, June 11, 2010

i'm still sane.i think.

a month of hell will soon be over..yet they'll come again in no time.exams i mean. but that aside, i'm europing this holiday!!bonjour paris!! hope everything will run smoothly..but bleurghhhhhh 3 more examssss..

congrats to all seniors y da jd doctors now. mase mmg cpt blalu bile kite tanak die pegi contohnye bile shari sbelom xam.baru bace 2-3 lecture out of 20++ tibe2 da malam.da malam kene la tido.lalu pegi xam tanpe hbs bace.sape suro mase cpt bile kite nk mase gerak laju2,xpulak jd.. conclusion,manusia mmg tatau bsyukur.dan demi masa.manusia mmg dlm kerugian.

1 year left (i hope!!).student life will be over.seeing my bestie da keje mcm nk nanges.she's in different world now.the AMANAH is bigger.for more us working with human.(lalu jom la amik forensic dentistry,mcm best).when u do bende y u suke,u'll enjoy it no matter how hard it get. i lost my interest now,need to grab it back before it start ruining everything..