Thursday, February 25, 2010

not so motivation.

.dentistry.we shed blood,tears and sacrifices.. was it really worth it?

be strong guys.shit happens!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

short update

i once ranted about how i dont really like children
and how i was too scared to even enter the pediatric clinic.
and now, alhamdulillah.. i manage to survive, so far..
hope things will get even better

i start doing the complete denture this sem..
after such a barely survive 1st sem..
i hope my denture going well,
even when i look at the cast, i already figure it out..
this is going to be a hard case

i want to be more rajin this sem
but so far, 1 and 1/2 week after the new sem began
nothing much have changed

i already got my new ipod
ipod nano 5th gen, purple in colour
kak anis said, my ipod looks like cadbury
tq to sykin

ok..i just bought 3 books
which exactly means, i 'ter' use my march pocket money
and there are 5 more days to say bye-bye to feb..
haih, i should really manage my budget la..
i didnt regret buying the books, but..
i should be really careful next time, note to myself

for money saving
we decided to make bento
we take our turn to make bento
today was my 1st turn doing the bento
i did sausages wrapped in tortilla bread
so we dont have to buy and wasting money unnecessarily
its money saving, aite?

tomorrow i hope my patient come to the clinic
continue the root canal treatment
i will call her tomorrow morning
root canal treatment is such a lengthy procedure
we need to do 2 to 3 appointments to finish

i really should stop now
i will update when i want to..
till then, jaa

Monday, February 22, 2010


LOVE.bile x de u sebok cari,bile da dpt u get bored.when its not there u rase sepi,when its here u ran away.crite hndustan ckp say yes to relationship! u ckp im not ready.ape y u nk readykn nobody actually fhm.we rase u pn tatau.malays kate ati wanita brubah mcm psg surut air,u kate it changes in rhyme with ur breath.hbs tu tgu u mati baru ati nk consistent?u bgtau u takot nk open up ur heart,then y bother opening the pandora's?u said u have expectations,we said so what?like other people dont.langit ilahi wrote tidak dinamakan cinta jika melemparkan pasangan ke neraka.we say SETUJU! u bgtau u da pnt ngn sume ni,we advise GET OUT OF IT THEN..

P/S: hurmm wanita da kuasai pnjwatan awam kt msia..apekah?

Sunday, February 14, 2010


k guys, since i promised to post something about syria, here you go.

my trip was 24 jan to 28 jan. this trip was my 1st time to syria. even some of my friends already go there twice and even three times.

well syria is definitely colder than jordan. i think throughout my journey there, i was in constant shivering. haha pardon my exaggeration. but you do get my meaning, right? i don't like winter. so i can say i enjoyed the trip but not at max. maybe if the weather was a little bit warmer, ....... maybe.

i went through the pics and found very little worthy to be my fave.

this pic is my most fave. taken in qal'atul salah ad-din in latakia.

this is the side view of the qal'ah.

syria is a beautiful country. i'd been yearning to go there and i did. i will go there again if there's chance. insya-Allah.

new sem begin

today is the 1st day of 2nd semester. 5 weeks winter break seems not enough. there were so much things need to be done during the break but unfortunately, i didn't. i spent the 1st 2 weeks in my room, doing nothing except wasting times. haha. as if i have nothing to worry about. and the 3rd week, i went to syria. and the last 2 weeks, i spent them in egypt. and so, my 5 weeks winter break ended without me doing all the things need to be done. i need to sort out all the notes before classes and clinics begin. but then again, there's no use regretting now since i am the one at fault for failing to manage my holiday. but nonetheless, i am not that regret (just a little) since i have a wonderful and worthy holiday.