Wednesday, July 28, 2010

people and changes.

BERUBAH. eiii die ni x reti2 nk brubah ke? ak da muak ckp kt budak tu tp x jugak brubah2. die tu mmg, da bg nasehat puluh2 ribu pon bukan nk dengar so x yah la sushkn diri nk tegur2 die lg..

BERUBAH.hurm senang je sebot tp nk buat mmg susah.dri bnd2 kecik mcm kentut depan org,stadi last menet,smpi la ke bnd2 spt suke sgt lmbtkn solat.da jd tebiat.sush nk buang.alasn die, da dri dlu cm2.sush nk ubah.or da cube da brubah tp lame2 jd balek. urghhh kalo cm2 adekah diri ini akan teros hidup cmni smpi mati? bile diri nk maju?

no one said it is easy.i know myself.i've been there. in fact am still trying now.bnyk sgt lopong2 y perlu di betulkn. bnyk lg bnd nk kene blaja..bnd y duniawi pon dok hegeh2 mau blaja akhirat pe tah lg.kalo ditakdirkn mati tibe2,xtau la pe naseb kita ni.

jgn ckp je lebih tp usaha at least ad la jugak ckp dri x dok lngsung.tq kpd kwn2 y masih sudi ingtkn diri ini.slowly i hope i'll reach there one there!

abah ckp kalo nk enjoy exam,think of it as org keje dapat gaji.then u akan rase x sbr tunggu xam.budak dentist bnyk dpt bnyk gaji.::leading a pro-active life::

p/s:esok xam.otak kosong.jiwa kacau.duet x de = miskin dari sume sudut.
p/s/s:terima kasih kawan.kawan bukan masa seronok sahaja.
p/s/s/s:mahu jadi matang dengan pantas.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

future and me

I've known this senior for her motivation. she's a very motivational person i have ever met. if you're about to ask this person what she's gonna be in 3,5, and 10 years ahead, she already had the pictures in mind. she always said, plan your future because as you are planning, actually you have goals you want to accomplish and you'll eventually strive for them.

i did try to be as motivational as her. i tried to plan, imagine, and think what and who i am in the future. unfortunately i couldn't. maybe i am not ambitious enough. maybe the trying was not enough. i don't know. but in the end, i still blame myself for not being ambitious enough to pursue all these things.

i am going to be a final year dental student in a month time. honestly and truthfully speaking, i am scared. afraid. anxious. excited is absolutely a big no. time is definitely running out. i have to start studying again. study with all my might like i did 5 years ago during spm. huh, ages. wish good luck to me.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


it's the 100th