Thursday, November 26, 2009


sad, but as they said, 'always keep the faith'

-fighting hard here-

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What a day...

sigh..what a day. today was my 1st exam after almost 2 months without any exams. i could say i am disappointed with the outcome. despite all the struggles, i am disappointed. the thing is, i didn't even know where did i wronged. 2nd thing happened today, i lost my precious mp3 and headphone. haih~

regarding the exam, maybe i did not give it my best yet. maybe. and about my lost mp3, should i aim for ipod instead?

Saturday, November 14, 2009


da kate cinta. cinta maknanya sayang.. kalo da sayang mestila nak masok syurga same2 kan..

-hilal asyraf-

p/s 1 : winter is here, again
p/s 2 : sy takde pt prostho lagi..malas nak pk..takpe2 next week mntk tros kat ust waled
p/s 3 : nak tau sape hilal asyraf, bukak langitilahi

winter kembali lagi

its winter again.. a very unbright low productive season. the only good thing bout winter is winter sale which i got no time to go whilst juggling with exams.

good things dat happen before today :

1.duet da masok
2.patient brosto da ad ( ku i really wish u dpt dis nxt week) havin 2 weeks rest from cons
4.went shopping like gile aftr dpt duet
5.2pm is nisa we're back in bisnes.

n of coz the unpleasnt things :

2.tgk cite2 antu y x takot slps pnt donlod ( n i really mean cite2,plural!)
3. xdpt jwb soklan brosto ngn baek
4.missing my family
5.knowing my close friend lost his bro n his ayh is saket. (it hurts dat i couldnt do anythng) having same routine everyday.

owh ye, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR BROTHER FAISAL.sorry kakak cant be there to bg hadiah.well dats a good side of duduk jaoh.hehe.may u have all happiness in the world n God bless!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

all depressed

i am all depressed
tomorrow is paediatric clinic
i don't really like children