Wednesday, March 9, 2011

the baby is now 2 years old!!

hoo yeah 2years already pass since we both started this blog. 2 taon tp 100+ posts only,quite an achievement huh?

2 years. cpt je mse blalu.entry ini ditulis after we all took graduation pictures td. urghhh seeing all of u there smiling, my heart ache thinking after this there will be no more us. sume bz with kerje and own lives.time surely flies very fast.wlpon sume eksaited x sbr nk tinggalkn tmpt ni dan pulang ke tanah air but deep down i do love this where we met each other n grew much things y kite lalui bsame2..omaigod better stop thinking psl sume ni or i cant stop crying then.

p/s:owh final sem amat much stress till we can puke blood..
p/s/s:hepi birthday blog!!!
p/s/s/s:i'm officially broke starting today till end of april!money come2!!

oh am obsessed with this song right now!!! u just got to ignite the light~