Tuesday, January 25, 2011

some stories

only one week remains from the 6 weeks holiday. the past 5 weeks just like a wind. they blow past me. in instant.

it has been months since my last post here. well readers (if there is any), happy new year. 2011. a new year, a new beginning, new aims, new hopes and ultimately a new me (i hope).
tonight, is my last night of me being 22. tomorrow, i am 23. only a second that separates between them. i suppose, turning 23 should come with more responsibilities, maturity, and urging me to act as one. in the end, i am still me.

6th of february, the new term starts. our last semester here. do wish us the best of luck and we definitely need your prays. can i be an excellent dentist? a question worth to ponder and explore.

till then, wassalam

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faza17 said...

hay girl or should i call u sis..hehe
ko mesti bolehnye la jd excellent dentist ever n ever.. best of luck!! da keje leh blanja aku..huahuahua take care sis!!